“Get ALL the Tools, Resources, and Guidance You Need to Acquire New Patients, Increase Their Lifetime Value, Generate More Referrals, Fill Your Schedule and Put More Money in Your Pocket…Starting IMMEDIATELY.”


Are your PATIENTS FALLING OUT OF CARE too quickly?

Do you NEED to FILL YOUR SCHEDULE and ATTRACT new patients?

My name is Jeffrey Grossman, L.Ac., EAMP, and the founder of Acupuncture Media Works and AcuPerfect Websites. I've been helping acupuncturists build successful, healthy practices since 2002.

I would like to teach you one of most important things that YOU WERE NEVER TAUGHT in acupuncture school. A simple patient retention system that allows you to:

  • Create A Full Schedule
  • Keep Patients In Care Longer
  • Receive Qualified Referrals
  • Book Your Schedule Months In Advance
  • Systematize and Organize Your Patient Education
  • Create Treatment Plans that Patients Accept

Highly successful practitioners will tell you that a Report of Findings is a CRITICAL factor of their success. They'll also tell you that it's easy to get patients to stick with care and increase their patient visit average.

But don't take my word for it...

Keep Reading To Discover How To Give Your Patients The Treatment-Commitment, Practice Growing Report of Findings

Introducing The Report of Findings Mastery Training


The Report of Findings Mastery Training is the only step-by-step online training program that will teach you, step-by-step, how to create and deliver a Report of Findings. A simple, and amazingly effective way to turn prospects into long-term, committed patients that stay, pay and refer.

This SIMPLE SYSTEM takes all the guesswork out of creating a treatment plan for your practice. In as little as 30 days or less, you can master your Report of Findings and have it UP AND RUNNING, creating treatment plans and goals, and delivering, with CONFIDENCE, your Report of Findings that gets patients to commit to more care, positions you as the authority, and creates the foundation for a strong, stable and successful practice.


 If you are like me when I first started my practice, I had some "mental roadblocks" that derailed my practice success.

Fear Of The "M" Word

I'm certain that you have what it takes to master the Report of Findings necessary to succeed. The ROFMastery Training will hold your hand throughout the challenging bits, taking absolutely nothing for granted, and giving you detailed step-by-step instruction to make sure you walk away from this feeling like a ROFMaster, so patient retention and a slow schedule never become an issue.

Not Having Enough Time Implementing Something New

You don’t need more time to make your practice work. You just need the confidence to focus on a single system that will deliver the most return and create the most leverage for future growth.

Too Much Work, I Don't Know Where To Start

You already work extremely hard. That’s not the issue. The ROFMastery Training will give you the confidence in knowing that every hour you spend with a new patient, will pay off with the type of practice you could only dream of a few months ago.

Not Feeling Ready

Do you have patients to help? Do you have friends and family that can benefit from your care? Then you’re ready. A marketing system (i.e., in this case the ROF) is no longer a “nice to have” or a “maybe someday I'll learn how to do one” kind of thing.

It’s not beyond your level.

It IS your level.

With more and more new graduates and other practitioners competing for your patient's attention, a reliable marketing system, that helps to get patients to commit to YOUR care, has become a prerequisite to any successful practice.

C. Hammond, L.Ac.

“I have to say I’m pretty happy.   I did 3 ROF’s today and had one new patient.

With my last ROF, the man signed up for 8 immediately and is going to pay the one time payment next week! He was from groupon by the way.

The ROF before that was a lady who’s had bad hand and wrist pain- it went away completely after last treatment for 3 days and went away again today.  She’s happy and has insurance and is completely on board with the 8 initial weekly visits.

It’s such a relief not to be doing the ROF the day of and prepare well for it.  It gives them something to look forward to and gives time to create a well thought out treatment plan.  Doing it all at once can be overwhelming to a person with too much info. and decisions to make at once. This way of doing things is really opening up some new possibilities.  I could see that people were more in undersatnding and more trustful when things were laid out in this way.

Am pleasantly happy now. Thanks!”

C. Hammond, L.Ac.
J. Rybak, L.Ac.

The ROF is going well.  Everyone appreciates it.  It helps new patients and I am bringing long term patients up to date with it and they really like it.  It is a great communication tool so they know that I know what they want and how we are going the get there.

Regarding the modules.  They are great and a very helpful training.

You have provided an important service and encapsulated it well.  It is crucial for acs-docs and patients alike.

J. Rybak, L.Ac.

I Believe The Report Of Findings Is The SINGLE Greatest Patient Education Tool To Power Your Practice, Generate New Patients And Get Them To Commit To More Care...Every Single Time You Use It

Since 2002, I've been helping acupuncturists successfully use the ROF to attract new patients, getting them to commit to more care, keep them coming back and referring new patients.

But when I was just starting out, desperate to launch my own practice, I wanted my schedule to fill up and new patients waiting in line to get care from me.

I also wanted the freedom to work at one job, my practice, be my own boss and to create my own path…

But I was scared!

Scared of the unknown.

Scared to take the leap.

Scared of failing.

Scared of not knowing how to talk to patients and get referrals.

Still, my desire for a full practice and freedom was so strong, I ventured out and jumped into all types of marketing activities.

Well, most of them totally tanked. It was a terrible disappointment.

But I HAD to make it work because I had student loans to pay, college debt to get out from under, and dreams of starting a family.

I wanted to be the bread-winner, and I was the only one to help ME achieve MY dreams. And I didn’t have much money to invest in my business. So with a few hundred dollars and pure will and determination, I coached with successful practitioners, attended business mastermind sessions and I got focused.

I thought that as soon as I got my license, opened my practice, that like magic, patients will line up, referrals will stream in and my schedule would book out.

But that is further from the truth!!!!

I struggled day in and day out.

I started with what I knew about marketing and patient attraction, which was very little. So I embarked on a journey to learn from the best practice coaches, marketing gurus and mastermind mavens to help me create systems and protocols to help me achieve my goals.

Within my first few months, I had that career-defining “aha!” moment. From that moment on with using the Report of Findings, patients began to commit to more care, my schedule began to book out and my practice blossomed!

My “aha!” was discovering how to create a SIMPLE system and practice protocol that leveraged the power of patient education so that I could move people from skeptical-prospects to committed long-term patients that stay, pay and refer.

I built a plan that answered the questions that EVERY patient has about our medicine…

  1. Can it help me?
  2. What’s wrong with me?
  3. How long will it take?
  4. How much will it cost?
  5. Will insurance cover it?

Even if your patients never ask any of the above questions, YOU need to answer them! You need to make sure that you are able to satisfy their burning questions, with concrete answers, coming from the place of expert authority.

I still remember the day I had my breakthrough. I’ll never forget the feeling I got when I knew I could call my own shots and get people to commit to more care.

All my new patients, and current patients, were staying in care with me longer!

My patient visit average went from 6 visits, to 24 visits and I was receiving 4-8 new patient referrals weekly.

My practice QUADRUPLED over the course of a couple of months and my schedule was booked out 3-months in advance!

I was finally on my way toward building a powerful, steady and lucrative practice.

Once I was able to overcome the all-too common patients-dropping-out-of-care-way-too-soon scenario I decided to combine all the information into a single solution that will make keeping your patients in care longer...a piece of cake.

And I owe it all to learning how to give a rocksolid Report of Findings, and this is what I want to share with you.

The Report of Findings Online Training program will walk you through the EXACT steps that I do with my patients.

There is nothing like that feeling of FREEDOM and SUCCESS!

But here’s the thing…you’ve probably tried other marketing and patient education techniques and have not had the results you hoped for.

If you have been discouraged by your marketing efforts, I can totally understand. We were never given all the right tools that would allow us to attract, retain and reactivate patients and grow our practice.

It this is the case…keep reading.

The Truth About The Report Of Findings

The Report of Findings is EXTREMELY POWERFUL and I believe EVERY practitioner should be using it to for EVERY new patient to leverage proper patient education. HOWEVER, the Report of Findings does NOT work on it’s own.

To get MASSIVE RESULTS from the Report of Findings, you must use it in a specific, systematized way…that is EXTREMELY EASY to do.


The Report of Findings transformed my practice…I swear within weeks it transformed everything…I was having people write me checks for their full treatment plan…my schedule booked up…it totally changed the energy…it really shifts things, you feel more confident as your schedule gets booked, and you feel more confident recommending the number of treatments and that translates to your patients that they feel confident that you are recommending the right thing for them and they want to follow through with your care. I can’t recommend it enough! If you are feeling like your practice is not as busy as you want it to be, simply do this to transform things.

R. Greene, LA.c.



The entire training is waiting for you right now. That means you don’t have to wait to dive in!

All of the trainings are 100% online.

Each of the training modules include videos, cheat sheets, transcripts and PDFs of all slide presentations.

You can work through the program at your own pace, and you get access to all the updates I will make to the program throughout the year.


Take a Closer Look Inside The Report Of Findings Mastery Online Training Program

The Report of Findings Online Training Program is designed to show you how to master giving a report of findings. You will discover WHAT to do and HOW to do it to ensure you get results quickly. You don’t need a lot of techy tools, complicated marketing strategies, pricey software or a bunch of bells and whistles to make it work. The training program is simple AND easy. I’ll show you how.

Report Of Findings Printed Form and Digital Download

Receive, 8.5x11, 50 full-color, carbonless Report of Findings forms to use to tell your patients what you found, how you can help and what's wrong with them. Available in both print and digital.

Care Plan and Financial Report Printed Form and Digital Download

Receive, 8.5x11, 50 full-color, carbonless Care Plan and Financial forms to use to inform your patients as to how long care will take, what they can expect, and how much it will cost. Available in both print and digital.

Step-By-Step Online Video Training Program

Receive access to a private membership site and over 3 hours of step-by-step training that walks you through the exact process of giving an expert report of findings. You will have access to this training for life!

Steps Of Care Laminated Chart and Digital Download

This laminated chart will make it easy to walk your patients through the 3 steps of care and help set the stage for long-term, wellness care. It is 8.5x11, 50 full-color. Available in both laminated (mailed to you) and digital.


Steps Of Care Printed Brochure

Most patients are not familiar with how long their care will take or even the type of care they may need. This brochure will allow you to create and present a clear outline of treatment and type of care. 50, 8.5x11, tri-fold brochures.

Digital Action Plan Organizer

Use the Digital Action Plan Organizer to help you quickly and easily reference all sections of the Report Of Findings. It is divided as an outline to guide you to become a master at giving your Report Of Findings.


This Simple Technique Transformed My Practice And My Schedule Began To Book Out Months In Advance

After you use what I am about to teach you, you will be able to overcome the huge practice problems of – patients falling out of care, missing appointments and not referring other people to you!

You'll also be able to:

  • Answer the 4 main questions EVERY patient has (even if they never ask them, you will still need to answer them in order to keep them in care)
  • Provide a timeline of care that patients will find believable (this alone will increase the number of times a patient sees you)
  • Encourage deeper awareness of why they are seeing you
  • Arm patients with POWERFUL patient education (this translates into more, and consistent word-of-mouth referrals)
  • Get them to commit to long-term care (need I say more?)
  • Position you as the go-to practitioner when something goes wrong (let's them know who to turn to when something else goes wrong with them or someone they know)
  • Develop a system that can be easily duplicated (this provides you with a step-by-step action plan so you can focus on what you do best - help people to get and stay healthy)
  • Systematize your practice
  • Establish a trusting bond between you and your patients (building trust, builds loyal and long-term patients)
  • Create happier, satisfied patients that keep coming back

Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Keep Patients In Care And Grow Your Practice?

  • The 4 questions that you NEED to answer for every patient?
  • How to avoid the blank stares that you all too often get when you talk about acupuncture
  • The perfect time to ask for referrals
  • Why you should treat your patients on the first visit and what you should say
  • The 2 things you need to tell EVERY patient at their first visit and why
  • How to overcome the “acupuncture is just a placebo and a magic bullet” idea that most people have

Bonus Items:

BONUS #1 - 12-Visit Protocol For Lifetime Patients Report

This report provides direction and insight in how to conduct your first 12 patient visits. It is divided up into what to do, say and share during the first 3 months of your patients care.

BONUS #2 - Three-Minute Elevator Speech Report

This report will provide you with 3 analogies on how to effectively communicate what acupuncture is and how it can help without going too far into the medical lingo that most patients are not familiar with.

BONUS #3 - Digital Report Of Findings E-book

This 37 page e-book is a quick and easy guide to help you give a rock solid report of findings. Some of the topics covered:

  • How do you prepare to give a ROF?
  • How do you present the ROF?
  • How to conduct a more effective ROF
  • Developing your 3 minute acupuncture 101 speech
  • The money game
G. Mortellaro-Gomez, LA.c.

“Once again, I just want to say thank you and extend my gratitude and appreciation for all you do for our community and for all the advice, wisdom and ideas you share on business building/promotion and patient retention.  As a neophyte practitioner of just under 2 years (1 year of private practice in my private clinic), learning what I have learned from you and the materials you have made and learning how to effectively communicate with my patients has been invaluable to say the least.  I am forever wanting to learn and grow and feel that acupuncture media works has been such a key tool in that process and will continue to be in the future for me. You are a huge inspiration to me as I see all the “potential” you are constantly pointing out to us.  Your newsletters and emails not only offer incredible tools but also always get my wheels turning.  Once again, thank you.”

G. Mortellaro-Gomez, LA.c.
Z. Martin, LA.c.

“Thanks Jeffrey, I have certainly seen my PVA go up. Pre-rof I was seeing each patient for about 8 visits each. Not bad overall. But Post-rof, my PVA went to 18!!!! That’s more than doubled!!! And needless to say, I definitely received more referrals. Thanks again!”

Z. Martin, LA.c.
G. Gottlieb, LA.c.

“I have no doubt that I will make excellent use of your well thought out information and instructions which, after, all is part of your goal! Very informative and thorough! Thank you!”

G. Gottlieb, LA.c.
Dr. V. Jones, LAc.

“I have to say, it took me a few weeks to really master the ROF, but since I started the process, I definitely have seen my patient visits go up. I went from averaging 5 patient visits to 12! That’s double for me!! Thanks! I would never have thought about doing this.”

Dr. V. Jones, LAc.
Dr. V. Mortoradi

“Great explanation and very thorough! I’m looking forward to incorporate the ROF into my practice. Since we are not the first source that comes to mind when patients seek help with their problems, the more we educate each and every patient, the better our chance for referrals. A great tool to consider what the public needs to hear, and what the major concerns and questions are in regard to what acupuncture is for.”

Dr. V. Mortoradi

Here Is EVERYTHING That Is Included With This Training:

  • Report Of Findings Printed Form

  • Care Plan and Financial Report Printed Form

  • Online Training Video Program

  • Steps Of Care Laminated Chart

  • Steps Of Care Printed Brochure

  • Digital Report Of Findings E-book

  • Digital Action Plan Organizer

  • 12-Visit Protocol For Lifetime Patients Report

NO Risk 100%


I believe so strongly in this product that I’ve decided to take on ALL the risk.

So if for any reason you are not happy with the course I’ll give 100% of your money back within the first 30 days.